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My Juicing Addiction.

Hi, my name is Bidanya Barassa and I am a juicing addict!

I started juicing fruits and vegetables a month before I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I knew for sure I had digestion problems and the best natural remedy was fibre. Already somehow guessing that I had colon cancer I started reading a lot on digestive health and cancer prevention. During my research I came across carrots and the benefits of carrot juice. So I immediately bought a blender and started blending carrots and apples. Every morning I would take this concoction before breakfast but I found it too heavy and thick. I later learned that the best way to Juice both vegetables and fruits is by using a juicer. As a result, I am an addict. It's been 6 years and I am still going strong due to the several amazing benefits of juicing. Juicing is definitely an acquired taste especially vegetable juicing but when you start, I promise you, you won't stop. Juicing is a way to bullet proof your health from cancer and other life threatening diseases. I believe it is what has kept me cancer free all these years and not to forget God's protection. Juicing is also amazing for your skin and hair. My hair is longer and thicker and I keep getting complements of how my skin is smooth and glowing. If this doesn't motivate you to start juicing apart from the amazing health benefits, I don't know what will.

When you juice you’re not only getting the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, but you’re getting them in liquid form. This makes it much easier to digest them, and absorb the nutrients they contain faster into the bloodstream.

I juice basically any fruit and vegetables but they must be organic and if they are not, I peel off the skin. I rarely juice green vegetables such as kale, spinach , celery, broccoli,because I'm not so sure of the source. Why juice if you are taking in pesticides and chemicals? I therefore stick to safe vegetable and fruits such as Carrots, Watermelon, Beetroot, Cucumbers, Apples, Pears, Oranges, Pink Grapefruit, Plums, Peaches and any other organic fruits and vegetables that can fit into my juicer :-)

All my juicing recipes must have carrots and raw ginger. My other favorite ingredients are watermelon and beetroot.

Why Carrot?

  1. Carrot Juice extract was shown to kill leukemia cells and inhibit their progression in a 2011 study.

  2. Beta-carotene consumption has been shown to have an inverse association with the development of colon cancer in the Japanese population.

  3. Among younger men, diets rich in beta-carotene may play a protective role against prostate cancer according to a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health's Department of Nutrition.

  4. The antioxidants and phytochemical in carrots may also help with blood sugar regulation, delay the effects of aging, and improve immune function.

  5. Carrots are one of the highest contributors of Vitamin A, for beautiful hair and glowing skin.

Why Ginger?

  1. Protects against cancer. Ginger contains a substance called 6-gingerol, which may have protective effects against cancer.

  2. Aids in digestion. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and helps ease nausea and fight a stomachache while moving things along in the digestive tract.

  3. Detoxifies the body. Ginger can help eliminate free radicals, which gives your liver a helping hand in its detoxing duties.

  4. Soothes sore muscles. This includes menstrual cramps, too! Or prevent DOMS and soreness.

Whether it is to improve health, boost immunity or just feel really good, juicing is a must try habit and addiction!

Cheers to juicing! Catch me on Instagram for my daily juicing recipes.

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