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My Journey With Moringa


Okay. I finally agree I’m a health enthusiast and a little bit of a health freak. I will try anything under the sun with the label health on it. Not only will I try it but I will also conduct my own research to further confirm its health claims backed by scientific research.

Moringa is one herb, drink, powder that I’m still struggling to incorporate in my every day healthy lifestyle. I take it once or twice a week but I need to increase the intake to at least 4 times a week to rip the full benefits. But it’s still work in progress.

The first time I tasted moringa my heart almost stopped. I felt my insides cringe and my body went into total shock. I gagged and felt like I was going to faint. I was hot and cold at the same time. My head started to ache. It was a mini hell in my kitchen. I have a strong body (I believe) but Moringa was a shocker! Not one to give up easily, I immediately sliced a lemon and sucked the life out of it. 15 minutes later my tummy started rumbling. The cocktail jazz band playing in my tummy was out of tune and just plain horrible. 30mins later I was in full detox mode and the rest of the details I will keep to myself, especially since I’m a lady.

Anyway, this “new” super food has plenty of health benefits but it tastes like crap. Not to scare you but it’s definitely worth exploring.

So what are the Health and Beauty benefits of Moringa?

1. Energy Boost

Iron and Magnesium are both essential for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue in the body, and Vitamin A supports the metabolism of Iron ensuring a greater uptake. Adding moringa to your daily routine is an effective, natural way to prevent tiredness and fatigue. Moringa is especially great for invalids and those going through chemotherapy. A green smoothie with moringa in the morning will keep you feeling nice and energized all day!

2.Skin Health

Are you in search of glowing healthy looking skin? Moringa is jam-packed with skin-loving vitamins including: Vitamin A which is essential for healthy, radiant skin and Vitamin E which protects cells from oxidative stress helping fight the signs of ageing.

“Moringa also has one of the highest antioxidant contents of any food.

Antioxidants are essential for protecting, repairing and preventing cell damage, minimizing the ageing process of the skin. They help counteract oxidative stress and the effects of free radicals. Antioxidants prevents loss of collagen, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and premature ageing

3. Immunity Booster

When you eat you are either feeding disease or fighting disease. Maintaining a healthy immune system is essential for helping our bodies stave off infections and illnesses. Moringa Oleifera leaves are an extremely rich source of Iron and Vitamin A:

Both of which are essential for the normal function of the immune system. Many studies have been done about moringa's potential as an anti-cancer agent. Moringa leaves have been shown to have beneficial properties in the fight against both breast and colon cancer cells⁴ and research is ongoing.

4. Muscle Growth

For us gym junkies muscle growth is a hot topic and anything that will support our muscle gains is a big YES. Moringa oleifera leaves are almost 25% protein and Moringa powder contains 9 essential amino acids making it a complete source of protein, supporting the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. This is an excellent post or pre-workout drink, it’s just the taste the I have to work on.:-)

5. Anti –Stress

Moringa is high in magnesium. Magnesium is essential for normal psychological function and the normal functioning of the nervous system. This super-mineral has been named by Psychology Today magazine as "The Original Chill Pill... an old home remedy for anxiety, apathy, depression, headaches, insecurity, irritability, restlessness and sulkiness."

A single serving of moringa powder contains 19.1% of your magnesium NRV helping fight stress and keep a sense of calm.


Moringa powder is a rich source of calcium, which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.

It also contains 31% fibre, which can help support a healthy digestive system and bowel regularity. Fibre can also be helpful for weight management as it helps you feel fuller for longer and supports a healthy metabolism.

7. Vision , Teeth and Strong Bones

Remember your parents telling you to finish your carrots so that you can have excellent vision? Well Moringa has 4x the vitamin A in carrots. Having healthy eyes and normal vision is something that can often be taken for granted but requires the right nutrition on order to maintain normal function. Moringa is a rich source of vitamin A which contributes to normal vision.

8. Strong Bones

Emerging studies find Moringa helps alleviate arthritic symptoms. Maintaining strong and healthy bones is an important component of overall health. Moringa oleifera leaves are a rich source of vitamin , calcium and magnesium all of which support normal bones. Say no to milk and take Moringa instead.

All health claims in this article taken from EU Register on Nutrition and Health Claims

⁴ Moringa oleifera as an Anti-Cancer Agent against Breast and Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines:

M.R. Sulaiman, Z.A. Zakaria, A.S. Bujarimin, M.N. Somchit, D.A. Israf & S. Moin

oringa oleifera as an Anti-Cancer Agent against Breast and Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines:


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